Bones Of London is a band based in Hackney, made up of Rich Lyus, Tom Guy, and Fabio De Oliveira.

Debut EP Summer 2013. Debut Album Autumn 2013.

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  2. American Archetypes EP

    The new EP, American Archetypes, tackles the contemporary mythology of the USA: America from the eyes of a provincial English teenager; the dream of rural escape; the Transcendentalists in the age of Twitter and Mars exploration; the fetishisation of violence in American history. It’s all covered in about 17 minutes. Listen free at: Comprising multi-instrumentalists Richard Lyus, Tom Guy and Fabio De Oliveira, Bones of London composes the literary soundtrack to your nervous breakdown. Working out of Rarebit Studios in Hackney, BoL’s songs are influenced by Zevon, Ford, Berryman, Waits, Cave, Bowie, Mitchell, Lee Jones, King, Webb, Durrell, Miller, Gadd, Dos Passos, and about a thousand others.

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  4. Bones of London

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